Referral Program

Know someone with great experience who's looking for a new career opportunity? You can feel confident in referring them to ACME. We pay up to $1,000 for referrals, and when you refer multiple friends throughout the year, you can earn additional bonuses with our Referral Rewards Program!

Here's how it works:

  • $1,000 for referrals resulting in a placement with a starting salary of at least $75,000
  • $500 for referrals resulting in a placement with a starting salary under $75,000
  • $100 gift certificates when referring multiple friends throughout the year
  • Refer your friends to ACME and have them mention your name and contact information
  • Referral bonuses are paid after the referred hire has been on active payroll for the completion of the guarantee period with that specific client
  • Bonuses are taxable income

Since there may be duplication of names referred to us, both from other people providing referrals under the Referral Rewards Program, and by our own consultants who may already be working with a candidate, ACME Solutions reserves the right at its sole discretion to determine if a referral bonus is due, and to whom.

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